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How to change odds to American, Fractional, Decimal...
How to change odds to American, Fractional, Decimal...
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There is a lot of ways you can see odds on our site, here is the explanation of it and how to change it.


Another way in which book makes express the odds of a team or competitor winning is using decimal odds. This system is favored by book makers in Continental Europe. Here, the odds are stated in numbers that include decimal points and the amount bet is included in the odds offered.

This means that if the book maker offers odds of 2.5 on a particular team winning and a gambler bets $100 on the team and wins, they will get to collect 2.5 times $100 or $250. In order to make sure that the gambler can collect more than they bet when they place a winning bet, the odds are always greater than 1 in this system. Otherwise, the winning gambler would end up losing money after placing the bet.


The book makers in England state the odds as fractions. They are written as 6/5 or six to five and so forth. Here, the first number is the amount that can be won if the sum placed as a bet is equal to the second number. For instance, when the odds offered are 9/4 that a particular team or horse will win, the gambler needs to place $4 as a bet and can win $9 if they pick the winning team. The book maker will then have to pay the gambler $9 plus $4, that is, $13. This is because the amount bet has to be returned along with the amount won.


One way in which bookmakers represent the sports betting odds is by placing a plus or minus sign before a number. This is called the American odds representation. Here, when a minus sign precedes a number it shows how much money needs to be bet on a team or competitor in order to win $100. Typically, this number is greater than 100 and indicates that the team or competitor is a favorite or expected to win.

On the other hand, book makers will place a plus sign in front of a number to indicate the amount in dollars the gambler will win if they bet $100 on the team or competitor who is the underdog. In both cases, the winning gambler collects not only the prize amount but also the amount placed in bet. As such a gambler betting $115 in a -115 bet will collect $215 from the book maker if his favorite team wins.


Indonesian Odds are very similar to American odds, they are the same odds just divided by 100. The positive numbers such as +115 are simply expressed as 1.15 so the plus sign is always implied if it is not there. Negative odds in the Indonesian format simply show how much money you must risk in order to win one unit.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong odds are like fractional format, except they’re expressed in decimals. To convert it in decimal format just add 1 (0.50 is 1/2 in fractions and 1.50 in decimals).


Malaysian odds are just opposite from US and Indonesian format. For example, fractional 3/2, decimal 2.50, US +150, Indonesian +1.50 is Malay -0.67. And fractional 1/2, decimal 1.50, US -200, Indonesian -2.00 is Malay +0.50.

Where to change Odds:

Go to the footer of our homepage and click on the down arrow

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