Depositing in USDT

Depositing USDT from an external wallet

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Depositing USDT is only currently available from the Ethereum Network or Binance Smart Chain.

You can find your relevant ETH/BSC network address when selecting USDT in your wallet.

This example will be for depositing from Binance Smart Chain on Metamask. Each external wallet may have a different process.

In order to deposit from the BSC, you will be required to have a small amount of BNB in your respective wallet. Depositing from the BSC will result in cheaper transaction fee's.

  1. Select “Smart Chain” from your MetaMask network drop-down in the top-right

  2. Select USDT from your Assets list and click “Send” - If USDT doesn't show, here’s a quick guide on how to add it.

  3. Input your Stake USDT > BSC (Binance Smart Chain) deposit address.

  4. Select your own gas fee (BNB) or use the recommended amount that is automatically input (Lower fees mean a slower transaction, while a higher fee will make the transaction faster).

  5. On the confirmation screen, ensure the address you input matches your Stake USDT > BSC address.

  6. Click “Confirm” for your transaction to be initiated.

If you have any questions, or are unsure on any of the processes here, please reach out to amazing 24/7 Live Support!

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