Bonus Drops explained

What they are, how they work and how to claim them

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Let's talk about an exciting little topic - Bonus drops 🎁

These are another temporary benefits that exists on, and they are mainly designed to reward active players on our platform. 🌟

They come in the form of a unique code which is case sensitive and can be claimed if you meet certain conditions. Code can be fully shown, be hidden behind a spoiler which can be clicked off, contained in an audio message, hidden behind a riddle or a simple task etc.

Main requirement is to have a certain amount of wager in the last 7 days on your account prior to the bonus being posted. Required amount can vary quite a bit from drop to drop, as can the amount which is granted on it.

Example of a daily drop hidden behind a spoiler and behind a simple task:

Drops themselves work on a first come first serve basis. There is a limited number of claims for each one, so it's important to be rather quick before it all runs out.

Where are the codes posted?

How to claim?

Go to your Account > Settings > Offers and find the "Redeem Bonus Drop" form.

Under this section you need to input the exact bonus drop code and hit Submit. Please keep in mind that codes are case sensitive.

Important note!

Your wager statistics which are sent via email are not an accurate way to check if you meet the requirements. This is because email statistics are updated in intervals, and bonus drops use real time statistics, which unfortunately are not visible on the client's side.

Error messages

There are a number of error messages that can arise, and we'll explain what they mean

  • This code has been fully claimed.
    Total number of claims is reached, making the code unavailable.

  • The bonus cannot be found or is unavailable.
    You are entering the wrong code.

  • You have not met the weekly wager requirement to redeem this code.
    You didn't play enough in the last 7 days to become eligible.

  • You already claimed the bonus.
    You've already claimed the bonus code. It can only be claimed once per player.

If you have any specific questions that are not covered here, you can always reach out and ask our live support team. 😉

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