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Everything you need to know about Stake monthly bonuses
Everything you need to know about Stake monthly bonuses

Monthly bonus!

Updated over a week ago

As the most talked about and most anticipated bonus that offers, you've probably heard of our Monthly bonus. If not, no worries as we're about to explain all details on it. 😉

We'll use a simple question-and-answer format, so let us begin. 😁

What is the monthly bonus?

Simply stated, this is a special reward for activity on our platform that is sent via email once a month. 💸

How do I become eligible?

You just need to have a verified email, and be an active player as well.

When is it sent?

That's pretty much a secret, so we can't know for sure. It is totally random, so it can be any day during the month. Just ensure that you check your email regularly, and you won't miss it. 😉

How much will I get and what's based on?

We sadly can't know that ahead of time. Monthly bonus takes into account several criteria, such as your VIP rank, your wagered amount in the past 30 days (or from one monthly to another). Also, your profit values for the month and house edge of the games you're playing are factored in as well.

How long does it last?

Coupon link itself lasts for 30 days, while the reload is active for 5 days only.

What's a reload and what's a coupon? Who gets what?

Reload is a feature that lets you claim funds on regular intervals. In the case of the monthly bonus, this is always a 5 day long reload that can be claimed once per 24 hour intervals. Find out everything you need to know about reloads on our blog.

Coupon on the other hand is a link which will grant you the full bonus at once.

Generally higher VIPs get a coupon, while lower ranks get a reload. There can be exceptions though. Amounts are basically the same regardless.

Can I stack the claims or claim the reload in one go?

No changes to this reload are possible. You can only claim it once every 24 hours as it becomes available. Any claims that are missed become unavailable.

If I miss it, can I still claim it after?

After reload expires, it's permanently gone. So that would be a no. 😓

In case you have a coupon link though, then there's a chance it's still valid. You can always contact support for further help on that.

How do I get a higher bonus next time?

Simply put, this is a reward for activity, so the more you play the higher your bonus will be. 💪

I heard something about pre-monthly and post-monthly. What's that?

As the names imply, pre-monthly is something that goes before the monthly bonus, and post-monthly after. Note that these aren't guaranteed to happen each month, and it's quite a bit random on when they occur.

It's also worth noting that this is a side benefit that's merely an appreciation of your activity, so in general values are less than monthly, and the reload lasts shorter as well.

For other questions which you might have, you can always contact our live support team. 😊

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