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What is a reload, how it works and different ways to get it
What is a reload, how it works and different ways to get it

General information on this feature

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Reload is one of the most appealing features available on that's available under certain circumstances. 🎉

Here we'll explain some general information on all aspects of it.

What is reload and how does it work?

On, reload is a feature that grants you a sum of funds which you can claim in specific intervals. Most commonly these intervals are once per 24 hours.

Example, say you have a 5 day long reload that's claimable once a day. Once you make your first claim, you need to wait 24 hours before it becomes available, and so on. Note that you can't stack claims, and if you miss any claim it becomes permanently lost. 😢

Where is it located?

If reload is currently enabled on your account, you will be able to find it by going to your Account>VIP>Reload.

What are different ways to get a reload?

Most commonly that's the monthly bonus. More details on the button below:

Also there are other specific email promotions that will grant you reload for a short time. These can vary quite a bit, and if you're eligible details will be in your inbox. ✉️

And the last, and best way to get reload is through our VIP system.

Upon reaching each of the following VIP ranks, you will get a one time reload session:

  • Platinum I - 14 days long reload (daily claim frequency)

  • Platinum II - 28 days long reload (daily claim frequency)

  • Platinum III - 42 days long reload (daily claim frequency)

  • Platinum IV - permanent reloads for as long as you're active on site 🤑

What are Platinum reloads based on?

These reloads take into consideration your activity as well as your profit stats. They are directly calculated based on your previous 7-14-28-42 (depending on rank) days wagered. Your previous 7-14-28-42 days profit is also then calculated. If your profit is negative on the previous 7-14-28-42 days, you will receive an additional value on your reload amount.

Further notes

Platinum IV+ is a weekly reload, so you will need to contact your VIP host to have it renewed each week. Also, you will be given the choice to have your reload in either daily, hourly or 10 minute intervals, so you have some flexibility in that way. 🔥

In case you have a reload from the monthly bonus or any other email promotion, no changes on it are possible. You will only be able to claim it in intervals that are set by the system.

For any further details or clarification, feel free to reach out to our live support team, or your VIP host if you're a high ranking VIP player. 😉

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