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Everything you need to know about Stake chat
Everything you need to know about Stake chat

Chat rules, wagering requirements, rain and more

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One of the features that our community enjoys the most is our chat.

First thing before you start chatting, we highly recommend you to check our chat rules. You don't want to miss out on anything or get muted.

Chat Rules

  • Don't spam, harass or be offensive to other users.

  • Do not share personal info of other players. Furthermore, no alts on chat are allowed.

  • Avoid using CAPS since they clutter the chat.

  • Don't beg or ask for loans, rains from rain-bot, tips or doubling coins.

  • No suspicious behavior that can be seen as potential scams. No impersonating!

  • Don't engage in any forms of advertising/trading/borrowing or offering services. All traded accounts are permanently muted.

  • Don't use URL shortening services. Always submit the real link. No referral links on chat are allowed.

  • Use the designated language channels accordingly.

You may also have a look at an elaborate version of the rules here:

Note that in order to be able to chat, you need to pass the wagering requirement of $500

There are also chat games like rollhunt and trivia organized by our moderators and community managers. You definitely don't want to miss that out.

Besides that, there is chat rain that is sent randomly by RainBot once per hour. Eligible users are the ones that have over $3,500 wagered in the past 7 days and completed Level 2 verification. Not only that but in order to get some rain you have to be an active player and chatter.

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