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What is coin-mixing?
What is coin-mixing?

Pending withdrawals and problems that coin- mixing can cause.

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You might have noticed this term floating around elsewhere, so here we'll explain what it means on here.

Once you deposit a certain amount and then withdraw without placing a bet, or betting just a tiny amount of it, you might notice your withdrawal will remain pending. Simply moving funds around in this nature is what constitutes coin mixing and is strictly forbidden in the context of an online casino. This kind of behavior can be interpreted as something more serious and fraudulent, and due to this reason we're obligated to not allow it.

In order to avoid this, simply use our site in the way that it's intended, that being a gambling site, and you won't have any issues.

If perhaps you made a mistake but don't intend to gamble, then you can withdraw funds back to the address you deposited from (if that's possible) and you won't have this kind of an issue (not applicable for fiat transactions).

If neither of these solutions work for you, then we'll have to ask you to submit KYC documentation on the following page, and in that way be in line with our AML views.

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