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How to calculate your VIP progress?
How to calculate your VIP progress?

Easily calculate your VIP progress. How much do you need to wager for your next VIP rank.

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In case you are wondering how much wager you need to your next VIP rank, let me try and to help you.

Let's take for example that you are at 40% to Silver.

Here is one way in which you can calculate how much you need to wager to Silver rank:

$50.000 (requirement for Silver) - $10.000 (requirement for Bronze) = $40.000 (the new wager you need to meet to level up)

40 (%) X 40.000/100 = $16.000

That is the amount you already wagered, so you need 40.000 - 16.000 = 24.000$ more to wager to reach the Silver VIP rank.

*Since sports wager is calculated X3, you should divide the number that you got by 3 to get the correct amount if you are a sports player!*

You can always speed up the process by using any percentage calculator available online.

And here's the list of wagering requirements for all VIP ranks on our website that you can use as reference:

Bronze - $10k

Silver - $50k

Gold - $100k

Platinum 1 - $250k

Platinum 2 - $500k

Platinum 3 - $1 million

Platinum 4 - $2.5 million

Platinum 5 - $5 million

Platinum 6 - $10 million

Diamond 1 - $25 million

Diamond 2 = $50 million

Diamond 3 = $100 million

Diamond 4 = $250 million

Diamond 5 = $500 million

Good luck in pursuing your next VIP rank! 😉

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