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Balance changes for "View in Fiat" currencies.
Balance changes for "View in Fiat" currencies.

Your balance is not correct or updated properly?

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So you are having an issue with your balance view, and you think it is not updated correctly?

Here are the first few things to know:

If you switch to USD view or any other fiat currency, that is just an approximate representation of your crypto amount for that exact moment.

Since the prices of crypto are changing every second your view in Fiat will differ as well.

The best way to calculate your funds is always in crypto, and that amount will surely always be true and correct.

Also, since we are a crypto casino, all of your bets & transactions will be settled in crypto amounts, and visual representation in Fiat can differ slightly regarding the price changes.

Here are a few examples:

  • If you deposited $120 worth of BTC and you received $140 in BTC, the amount in crypto will be the same, but the price just changed. 😊

  • Or if you wagered 1 BTC last year when the price was $10.000, your stats will now show that you wagered $50.000 because of the price changed, but the amount in crypto will still be the same and correct so your VIP progress will be calculated correctly, but the stats will show current value in USD.

  • Your balance will vary even if you don't play if you set it to "View in USD" in proportion to the price change, but the crypto amount will always be the same.

  • You may have $100 worth of crypto on your balance, and only $95 in some third-party game. The difference would be the exchange market that we and the game provider use but, as always, your amount in crypto will still be the same and in the correct amount.

For more detailed information, feel free to ask on the support chat, and we will be more than happy to assist you. 😁

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