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What to do if a game freezes
What to do if a game freezes

Game froze or kicked you out.

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If a game freezes, kicks you out or you simply exit the game during a feature or a bonus buy, there are a few simple steps you should do to safely continue your gameplay.

First you would need to get back in the game with the same coin pair you had before. (For example BTC-USD view).

By reentering the game with the same currency pair, your active session should be reactivated and you should be able to continue your feature or bonus buy.

If you, however, still can't access your feature or a bonus buy feel free to contact our support team via live support chat, and we will do our best to assist you.

Interrupted features and bonuses are not lost in any case, so if you don't access them in the next few days, the game will be settled automatically and bonuses will be played in your absence.

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