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How to deposit JPY via Vega Wallet
How to deposit JPY via Vega Wallet
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To make a deposit into your account using Japanese Yen, you must first complete Identity Verification Levels 1 and 2. At Identity Verification Level 2 only a Japanese passport or driver's license will be accepted.

You will need to create an account with Vega Wallet before proceeding with the following steps.

To make your deposit, click on "Wallet", which can be found at the top of the screen next to your balance, and then click on "Deposit".

Alternatively, you can also find it by clicking on the Account icon, then selecting "Wallet" and "Deposit".

If your wallet is not showing the correct currency, you can change it as shown in the figure below:

After pressing the blue wallet button on the Stake website screen, select JPY.

Once there, you will see the minimum and maximum deposit amounts per transaction. By clicking on the Deposit button, you will be presented with the payment providers.

Vega Wallet

After pressing the green deposit button, select Vega.

Enter the deposit amount, Vega user ID (ID starting with U) , and Vega password, then press the Deposit button.

Please note that if you enter your Vega user ID incorrectly even once, you will not be able to make a deposit.

If you have entered your Vega user ID incorrectly, please contact our live support team with a screenshot of your Vega account with your name and Vega ID (username).

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