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PIX deposit rejected - Name and CPF mismatch
PIX deposit rejected - Name and CPF mismatch
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If you're experiencing an issue with your PIX deposit, we're here to provide an explanation and possible solutions. If you made a transfer from a bank account that is not in your name, this article will help you understand why the error occurs and what steps to take to resolve it.

Understanding the Rejection

The system is informing you that the deposit was rejected because of a CPF mismatch. This typically occurs when the CPF registered on your Stake account does not match the CPF associated with the bank account or the PIX payment. The platform strictly adheres to a policy of accepting transfers only from accounts in your own name.

Avoid Third-Party Payments

The error might have occurred if you attempted to initiate a transaction and shared the QR code with another person for payment. This practice is known as third-party payment and is not accepted on our platform. All transactions must originate from and be credited to your account to ensure security and compliance with regulations.

Check for Refunded Amounts

In cases where the deposit is rejected, the values are automatically refunded to the original account. We recommend checking your bank account to ensure that the refunded amounts have been processed accordingly.

Verify CPF Consistency

To avoid future deposit rejections, ensure that the CPF registered on your Stake account matches the CPF associated with your bank account and PIX payment. Consistency in these details is crucial for smooth and successful transactions.

Reach Out to Support

In case the deposited amount has not been returned to the original account, please contact our support team for further assistance. Have the complete proof of deposit and the personal data of the person who made the deposit in hand so that we can forward it to the responsible team to investigate the problem.

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