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Wager/loss limits and how they work

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As a part of our commitment to provide a responsible gambling environment, Stake offers a tool which you can use to limit how much you can bet or lose at a given amount of time.

This article will share details on how this feature works, and various ways you can use it.

Setting your limits. 🛠️

In order to set these limits, you need to navigate to your Account>Stake Smart>Gambling Limits.

Choices presented will be for the type of limit, amount and the period for which it will be active. Afterwards you need to click on the "Add Limit" button and allow up to 30 seconds for the change to take effect.

Loss limit 📉

Loss limit setting provides you with an ability to establish just how much you're comfortable losing within a set timeframe. Time frames that we offer are per day, week, and month.

This limit counts your net loss. Profits that are made during your set timeframe will not count towards the limit. If you make profit during this set time, you can continue to play until you reach your loss limit.

In case you have unsettled bets, those will still count towards your limits as there's a chance that they might be losing ones and will in that way breach your limit.

Wager limit 🎲

Wagering (betting) limit allows you to set just how much you can wager within a set period of time. This limit can be set over a period of one day, one week or one month, just like the loss limit.

This is not a net limit, so profits are excluded from it. What this means is that if you are profitable during your session, that will not affect your limits set.

Time reset and mandatory cooldown❗

To make any changes, you need to remove your current limits first and then create new ones. Please note that there is a mandatory cooldown of 24 hours before you can create new limits. During this cooldown, your previous limits will still be active.

Multiple limits ⚖️

You can have multiple limits and different types set at the same time on your account. For example, you can set a daily, weekly and monthly loss limit all at the same time. In such a situation, the smallest value set will be first triggered.

For example, if you set a daily loss limit of $10, and a weekly loss limit of $100 and you end up losing $10 today, your limits will prevent you from playing for the next 24 hours. Naturally, tomorrow your daily limits will reset so you will be able to play more, but weekly limits will have $10 spent, and you will have $90 left on your weekly loss limit.

In case you have any questions about specific scenarios, or need assistance of any kind, please reach out to our 24/7 Customer Support team. 😊

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