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What is a clearing number? (JPY bank transfer)
What is a clearing number? (JPY bank transfer)
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When withdrawing money via bank transfer, you will need to enter the clearing number.

The clearing number is a combination of the 4-digit bank code and the 3-digit branch code.

If you do not enter the correct 7-digit number, the withdrawal will be returned to your Stake Account

Please also make sure you enter the following information correctly:

  • The amount to withdraw

  • Bank name

  • Clearing number (combination of 4-digit bank code and 3-digit branch code)

  • Bank branch name

  • Account number

  • Beneficiary Name (Full name in English)

  • Local Beneficiary Name (Order of surname + first name in Katakana)

*Please enter the bank name/branch name/Local Beneficiary name in katakana.

Withdrawals by bank transfer take up to three business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)

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