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Affiliate program
Affiliate program

Learn everything about our affiliate program, commission, referred users and marketing material

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Extra funds are always a good thing to have, especially after a bad session. Now, simply by referring other people to our site, you will earn a percentage of every bet they make.

But first, you need to create an affiliate campaign and your own campaign code.

All you need to do is to go to the affiliate page and then click on campaigns.

After you do that, just click on "Create New Campaign" and enter the desired campaign name and the code.

After you've successfully created an affiliate campaign, now is the time to share your affiliate link with other people. Where do you want to share that and how do you want to invite other people to our site, we leave that to you.

Our standard commission is 10%, but the amount you will receive depends on the house edge of the games your referrals are playing, as well as the amount wagered on those games. You can see the exact formula for both casino and sportsbook under the Commission tab on your account.

Of course, once we notice that you are bringing a lot of people to our site, we will make it worth your while by increasing your affiliate commission percentage.

As far as marketing material goes, you can find everything here:

If you have some friends that would like to try their luck on Stake, you can invite them and even earn based on their gameplay.

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