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Stake VIP Program Overview
Stake VIP Program Overview

VIP program and everything you need to know about it.

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Stake offers a second to none VIP program which we have become extremely famous for. As you level up through the program your bonuses & benefits will increase.

It is important to note that the wagering requirements are put in place to ensure users can prove their potential before we undertake the full VIP benefits. This is done in order to maximize the experience for all players & ensure the correct players are receiving the most.

Levels & Requirements

Bronze: $10,000

Silver: $50,000

Gold: $100,000

Platinum: $250,000

Platinum II: $500,000

Platinum III: $1,000,000

Platinum IV: $2,500,000

Platinum V: $5,000,000

Platinum VI: $10,000,000

Diamond: $25,000,000

Diamond II: $50,000,000

Diamond III: $100,000,000

Diamond IV: $250,000,000

Diamond V: $500,000,000

Obsidian: $1,000,000,000

Level up Bonuses (All Levels)

VIP level-up bonuses are given out by either our support team or your VIP host every time you achieve a new VIP level.

VIP level up bonuses take into account a base amount per level + extra depending on your recent gameplay. This means if you are not having much luck, you will receive a bit extra on top of the base amount.

Rakeback (Bronze)

Rakeback is a benefit whereby you passively earn extra money on every single bet you place. Regardless of whether you win or lose.

It is calculated as a percentage of each bet depending on the house edge of the game. For every bet you place on the casino, you will receive 5% of the edge back.

Weekly Boost (Bronze)

The weekly boost is given out every week at 12:30pm GMT on Saturday. It is posted in the VIP only Telegram group.

The weekly boost is calculated based on your previous 7 days wagered alongside your VIP level. Your VIP level will give you a base amount and your total wagered will increase this base amount.

Monthly Bonus (Bronze)

The monthly bonus is given out once a month. The day it is given is generally random, but should typically be around the 15th. It is sent via Email as long as you have a confirmed Email.

The monthly bonus is calculated based on your wagered since the previous monthly bonus. Your VIP level will give you a base amount and your total wagered will increase this base amount.

VIP Host (Platinum IV)

At Platinum IV VIP you are assigned a dedicated VIP host. VIP hosts are available to help with almost anything you need. This creates a more personal experience & helps you to feel more comfortable on the platform whilst maximizing the benefits you can receive.

We like to think this is when the true Stake VIP experience begins.

Reload (Platinum)

A reload is a bonus you can claim either once every day, once every hour or even once every 10 minutes. This bonus has no strings attached.

This specific reload that you'll receive on this level is a daily one and you will be able to claim it once per day.

Reload is calculated based on your previous 7-14-28-42 (depending on Platinum rank) days wagered. Your previous 7-14-28-42 days profit is also then calculated. If your profit is negative on the previous 7-14-28-42 days, you will receive an additional amount on your reload amount.

Reloads are set by your awesome senior support staff as soon as you reach Platinum VIP level.

Customized Benefits (Diamond)

If there's something we're missing which you're looking for, we're able to customize a specific VIP program to your liking. We understand not one size fits all!

This customization can be done through your VIP host.

For more information, please visit this page.

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