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How to withdraw my funds?

About how to make a withdrawal from your Stake account

Updated over a week ago

You had a great session and you are thinking of withdrawing your profit, but you are not quite sure how to do that? I will be more than happy to help you with it!

Before you even try to make a withdrawal, make sure that your email is verified. If you still haven't done that, you may do it now, under Account>Settings>General.

Once you verify it, refresh the page and proceed with the withdrawal.

  1. Choose the coin you want to withdraw

  2. Enter the destination address (the address to which you want to receive your funds)

  3. Input the desired amount you want to cash out

  4. *(if 2fa is active) Input currently valid 2fa code

  5. *(if 2fa is not active) Input the code sent to your email

  6. *In case you signed up via Gmail, Facebook, Twitch or Line: you will need to re-enter your login data by clicking on the "Re-verify with Google/Facebook/Twitch/Line", depending on which platform you used. More info about it may be found here:

Please note that every withdrawal has a minimum amount and also a fee which will be deducted directly from your balance. More info about that can be found here:

If you happen to have some further questions, don't hesitate to contact us at any time. Have a great day!

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