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How can I find my Casino bet ID?
How can I find my Casino bet ID?

This article will help you on how to find bet ID for your bet.

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On some occasions, support will ask for your bet ID in order to assist you with any issues with your bet.

1. Finding your bet ID is very easy, just follow these couple of steps:

2. Click on My Bets

3. Click on ''Casino''

Once you do that, you will be able to see your last 1000 bets, 10 per page.

4. When you find the bet ID that you are looking for, you can click on it to open it (like I opened my dice bet). When you open the bet on the middle top part you will see your bet ID and the copy button next to it, fastest option to copy it is to click on the button and then paste it to the support.

If you are having any troubles finding it after this article feel free to contact support for it.

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