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Casino betting limits
Casino betting limits

Minimum and maximum bet amounts, profits and how they vary

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On, we provide our users with the ability to wager with a wide selection of cryptocurrencies and certain FIAT currencies (depending on your location).

This article will provide information on the maximum bets and profits you are allowed to make on our platform for each currency, as well as minimum betting limits.

First we'll discuss our in-house games, Stake Originals.

Cryptocurrencies and max limits:

  • For ETH: max bet is 1000 ETH and max profit is 200 ETH

  • For BTC: max bet is 100 BTC and max profit is 10 BTC

  • For LTC: max bet is 5000 LTC and max profit is 2000 LTC

  • For BCH: max bet is 1000 BCH and max profit is 100 BCH

  • For DOGE: max bet is 2 million DOGE and max profit is 500k DOGE.

  • For XRP: max bet is 1 million XRP and max profit is 150000 XRP.

  • For TRON: max bet is 10 million TRX and max profit is 1.5 million TRX.

  • For BNB: max bet is 500 BNB and max profit is 200 BNB.

  • For CRO: max bet is 4 million CRO and max profit is 400k CRO.

  • For APE: max bet is 100k APE and max profit is 10k APE.

  • For DAI: max bet is 500k DAI and max profit is 50k DAI.

  • For LINK: max bet is 100k LINK and max profit is 10k LINK.

  • For MATIC: max bet is 800k MATIC and max profit is 80k MATIC.

  • For SAND: max bet is 500k SAND and max profit is 50k SAND.

  • For SHIB: max bet is 40 billion SHIB and max profit is 4 billion SHIB.

  • For UNI: max bet is 70k UNI and max profit is 7k UNI.

  • For USDC: max bet is 200 million USDC and max profit is 200k USDC.

  • For USDT: max bet is 200 million USDT and max profit is 200k USDT.

Fiat currencies:

  • For CAD: max bet is 500k CAD and max profit is 200k CAD.

  • For BRL: max bet is 5 million BRL and max profit is 2 million BRL.

  • For JPY: max bet is 100 million JPY and max profit is 10 million JPY.

  • For INR: max bet is 50 million INR and max profit is 10 million INR.

Minimum bet amounts:

  • For cryptocurrencies value is set in USD and it's defined as over $0.00001.

  • For FIAT currencies, minimum bet amount is 0.01 regardless of the currency.

Also please note that it's possible to play every Stake Original game except Roulette and Baccarat with a 0 bet amount. This is referred to as pre-rolling, and it can be useful if you wish to test out various strategies before investing actual coins.

Third party games

When it comes to third party games, these limits can vary depending on the game and provider. In general, minimum bet amount for most third party games is either $0.1 or $0.2, with some exceptions.

Maximum bet amounts also vary between each game, and there's no set average. In each game on the main menu you can adjust your bet amount and in that way find the upper limit.

Maximum profit values are not directly written, but can be calculated using information about the max multiplier which is written in the game rules and the max bet amount for the game.

Let's use the popular game Wanted from Hacksaw provider as an example.

Bet amount is adjusted on the main page in this way:

Maximum possible bet amount is $1500. Game rules state that maximum possible multiplier is 12500x.

From this information we can determine that the maximum possible payout is the whopping $18,750,000 (1500x12500=18750000). Yes, that's 18 million and 750 thousand USD. 🔥

If you need further clarification or need help for a specific scenario not covered here, please reach out to our 24/7 live support team, and we'll help you. 🎉

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