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Acceptable documents for proof of identity - India
Acceptable documents for proof of identity - India
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Please note that the Compliance team reserves the right to request any document they might need.

​You can use one of the following documents to verify your identity:

  • International passport

  • Driving license ( both sides )

  • Voter’s Card - EPIC Card ( both sides )

  • Tax ID Card - PAN Card ( both sides )

  • National ID card - Aadhaar Card ( both sides )

Only documents in the format of a plastic card will be accepted, a document printed on paper will not be accepted.

Other types of documents cannot be accepted.

Please note that your photos and the document itself need to meet the following requirements:

  • Photos are in high resolution and in color

  • Original photos are uploaded ( no screenshots or graphic editing software )

  • The document is easily readable ( no flash or blurriness )

  • The document is not physically damaged

  • The document must be lying on a flat surface with all 4 corners inside the frame

  • The document is valid for at least 3 months

  • The document needs to be in Latin international format

Documents in digital form will not be accepted, only photographed documents will be accepted.

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