Please note that the compliance team reserves the rights to request any document they might need.

You can use one of the following documents to verify your address:

  • Utility bill ( electricity, water, gas or rent bill )

  • Bank or credit card statement (in some cases bank statement cannot be used)

  • Council tax, municipality bill or government tax letter

  • An official letter from your employer or educational institution confirming your address stamped and signed

  • Tenancy agreement

  • Bank reference letter - A bank reference letter should be just an informative letter with some of your and bank information. This letter should be in English and must meet the following requirements:

    • Shows full contact of bank

    • Shows your full name and address

    • Shows date of account issuing and type of account

    • Shows date of issuing of the letter

Please note that we do not accept:

  • Mobile phone, internet and TV bills

  • Purchase receipts

  • Medical bills

Your proof of address document must meet the following requirements:

  • Please upload an original photo or a PDF file of the documents, screenshots will not be accepted

  • All documents must be issued within the last 6 months and need to be in Latin international format

  • Shows your full name and address

  • Shows the name of issuing entity and date of issue

  • The whole sheet of paper is visible in the photo

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