Withdrawing USDT

Withdrawing USDT to an external wallet

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The following process lists steps related to using a MetaMask wallet. The procedure might differ when using another external wallet..

Please note that every withdrawal has a minimum amount and also a fee which will be deducted directly from your balance. More info about that can be found here: What are the withdrawal limits?.

  1. Go to Stake's wallet withdrawal section and choose USDT

  2. Select “BSC” as the network chain.

  3. Enter your MetaMask wallet address - you can find it under your MetaMask’s account name.

  4. Input the desired amount you want to cash out.

  5. *(if 2fa is active) Input currently valid 2fa code or withdrawal code (which you received in your email when you clicked on “Withdraw” button)

  6. *In case you signed up via Gmail, Facebook, Twitch or Line: you will need to re-enter your login data by clicking on the "Re-verify with Google/Facebook/Twitch/Line", depending on which platform you used. More info about it may be found here: OAuth verification for withdrawals.

If you have any questions, or are unsure on any of the processes here, please reach out to amazing 24/7 Live Support!

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