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Guidelines for taking a selfie with an identity document
Guidelines for taking a selfie with an identity document

Correct way to confirm your identity in case a selfie is needed

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In certain cases for the purpose of recovering a lost account or confirming your identity in a lawful manner, you might be required to provide additional information in the form of a selfie with the document used for verification.

This article will hopefully provide some useful guidelines on how to complete this step correctly and resolve your issue promptly.

Acceptable documents for the purpose of identity verification/confirmation:

How to properly take a selfie with an identity document.

When taking a self-portrait alongside your identification document, kindly ensure that you meet the requirements listed below.

1. That you are in a well-lit area with a light, neutral background. ✔️

2. Hold your ID in one hand next to your face without covering your face with it so we can clearly see both your face and the ID. ✔️

3. You’re looking straight at the camera. ✔️

4. You aren’t wearing accessories (e.g. sunglasses, a hat, or a headband). ✔️

5. All text on the document is clearly visible and legible. ✔️

6. The document is not flipped or mirrored to maintain the text in the correct orientation.✔️

7. The photo is in color and of high quality. ✔️


We can only accept files in image formats like JPG or PNG. Additionally, we are unable to accept compressed files.

If further help is needed, you can always reach out to our 24/7 live support team!

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