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My friend got a promotional email but I didn't
My friend got a promotional email but I didn't

Promotional email troubleshooting

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Are you trying to find out why you were not included in some of our email promotions? Here we'll offer some explanation.

Note that scope of this article is not related to monthly bonus emails.

Why wasn't I included?

Firstly, our Marketing Team sends a multitude of promotional emails to our players, with many different criteria for eligibility. Ultimately, it's the discretion of our Marketing Team to include you in such offers, and it might be that you just didn't meet some criteria. 😢

Another reason could be that you've unsubscribed from our newsletter in the past, so no promo emails are arriving. To troubleshoot this, contact our live support team and we'll check it. ✉️

Also, if you were Self Excluded, Stake will not send you promotional emails while that lasts. We will not in any way disturb your break from gambling!

What can I do to change this for the future?

Staying somewhat active will ensure that you're included in monthly bonus emails. Of course, you should moderate your activity and gamble responsibly.

As far as other promotional emails are concerned, there's sadly no specific advise that we can offer which can help you be eligible for all.

Note that we're constantly looking to expand our offers and include new and interesting promotions, so with time you will hopefully be surprised with something interesting from our Marketing Team. 🎉

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