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Is there a wager requirement for cash?
Is there a wager requirement for cash?
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On our platform, you may have come across the message "Please wager before withdrawing". This means that before proceeding with a withdrawal, it is necessary to wager 100% of the deposited amount. This rule is detailed in our Terms of Service, specifically in Clause 8. It is crucial to be aware of this condition as it ensures the fair and responsible use of our platform's services.

T&C: 8.5 You need to wager 100% of the value of your deposit in order to request a FIAT withdrawal. (

The Rule Explained

The "wager before withdrawing” rule applies to all deposits made in fiat currency (Fiat) on our website. Before making a withdrawal, you must place bets equivalent to 100% of the deposited amount. This requirement is in place to prevent any misuse of funds and maintain the integrity of our betting system.

As soon as you reach the 100% wagering milestone, you can proceed to withdraw the profits from your bets. Withdrawals will only be released once you achieve this percentage.

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