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Making a deposit in Canadian Dollars (CAD)
Making a deposit in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

The first step to making a deposit in Canadian dollar (CAD)

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Before making your first deposit in CAD, you will first need to verify your email address.

1. On the Stake homepage, click on "Wallet" at the top.

2. A window will open, select the "Deposit" tab.

3. Within the deposits window, select the currency CAD and click on the deposit button. (You will be directed to a 3rd party service that will allow you to deposit with fiat currency selected.)

4. The window will display the Payment Method.

Select your financial institution.

5. Log into your bank.

6. Select your account, review the payment details, and accept the transaction.

7. You will also receive an email reminding you to complete the deposit request.

For deposits, you do not need a code to complete the transaction.

For more information, be sure to read our blog on how to deposit CAD. You can also check out our local currency guide on

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