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What is a Fast Bank Transfer? (JPY)
What is a Fast Bank Transfer? (JPY)
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In order to make a fast bank transfer, go to the deposit screen, select your bank from the list of available banks and you will be connected to the online banking page of the respective bank.

Once you have entered the required details (e.g. online banking username and password) and completed the process, the deposit will generally be reflected in your Stake account within 2-3 minutes.

The following banks are available for fast bank transfer deposits:

Mitsubishi UFJ Bank


Mizuho Bank

PayPay Bank

SBI Sumishin Net Bank

Rakuten Bank

au Jibun Bank

Bank of Fukuoka

Seven Bank

Saitama Resona Bank

Resona Bank

Japan Post Bank

Sony Bank

Suruga Bank

GMO Aozora Net Bank

Aeon Bank

Tokyo Star Bank

Hokkaido Bank

Chiba Bank

Hiroshima Bank

Kagoshima Bank

SBI Shinsei Bank

Hokuriku Bank

Kansai Mirai Bank

Musashino Bank

Bank of Kyoto

Shizuoka Bank

Bank of Yokohama

Awa Bank

Kanto Tsukuba Bank

Hokuto Bank

77 Bank

Okinawa Bank

Nishi-nippon City Bank

If your bank is not included in the list, please deposit via bank transfer.

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