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What is a Parlay/Multi Bet?
What is a Parlay/Multi Bet?
Updated over a week ago

Parlay bets are a series of straight bet wagers grouped together in order to create bigger payouts. The key is that you have to win every bet in that parlay in order to cash in.

All sports bettors are familiar with spread bets, moneyline wagers and Over/Unders. A sports bettor looking to bet on multiple games could make individual wagers on all those games and hope to win more than they lose. Or they could place a parlay bet, combining all those games into one single wager.

You can add as many wagers as you want to a parlay bet - You can place up to 25 matches on our site. But you have to get the entire parlay correct or the bet loses.

If one of those picks results in a push/void, don’t worry. Parlay bets don’t lose on a push. That specific pick is just removed from the parlay bet and the potential parlay payout drops accordingly.


Let’s say you have a five-leg parlay/multi bet and get the first four picks correct. Then the fifth pick results in a push/void. The parlay bet is a winner and will payout as a four-bet parlay/multi bet.

How to switch from Single to a Multi/Parlay bet:

Just click on the Multi in your Bet Slip:

After you click on the Multi you can see that all of the matches are now combined and your odds on the bet went higher!

Contact us in support if you still have any questions about parlay/multi bets.

We are here for you 24/7!

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