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My crypto withdrawal is still not credited?
My crypto withdrawal is still not credited?

Withdrawal processing time, possible delays and everything you need to know about it.

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Many of you are wondering why your withdrawal still didn't reach your wallet.

Unconfirmed transactions

There are a few reasons why your withdrawal didn't reach your wallet and the most common one is an unconfirmed transaction.

As you probably know, every transaction has to be confirmed before it is credited to a destination address.

The number of confirmations needed depends from wallet to wallet. Some wallets require just 1 confirmation when it comes to Bitcoin, while some other wallets require 3+ confirmations.

Manual processing/ Pending

Another important reason that you didn't receive your funds is that your withdrawal probably got "stuck" on our site.

They can be stuck if the withdrawn amount is very large and it needs to be manually processed by our administrators.

Note: Even manual withdrawals are almost instantly processed and you have nothing to worry about, just be a bit more patient.


Withdrawals also won't go through if you just deposited and withdrew your funds without playing. That term is called coin mixing and you can find out more about that here.

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